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Established in 2017, GENZON Novel Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GENZON Novel Materials”) is under the control of GENZON GROUP which also takes charge of its management and operation. Genzon Novel Materials is committed to research, production and sales of fully recyclable nano-modified materials and products, which can be widely used in agricultural greenhouse film, agricultural film, commodity packaging of foods and medicine, as well as in industrial application field such as adhesive tape, protective cards, electrical insulation film and so on.


At present, it possesses an 180,000 ton PET production line, four Dornir direct-melting biaxial tension film production lines and one home-made test line.


In the future, GENZON Novel Materials will build a China brand from international perspectives and be dedicated to becoming the leader in the new material industry through enhancing existing advantages and independent innovation, and developing more environmental-friendly new materials.


Degradable Plastics

·Increase the production and yield

·Realize the crops in sheds going on the market ahead of time

·Effectively decrease pests, diseases and pesticide dosage

·Reduce plant diseases caused by frog and drops

·Guarantee stable harvest with obvious mechanical strength

·Able to degrade, recycle and reuse


Polyester Film

Polyester Film has a high tensile strength and elastic modulus, a large impact strength and flexibility, a high surface gloss and transparency, a good resistance to cold (-70), chemical attack and heat (200), and a good thermal stability.It is non-toxic and tasteless, with a good resistance to oxygen and moisture, and a favorable optical performance and electrical insulation performance, such as high power-frequency electrical strength, small dielectric loss and large electric resistivity.




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