High Table Dinner Held at Diligentia College

Release Date:2017-01-09

On the evening of November 25th, the “2016 High Table Dinner” of Diligentia College of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (hereinafter referred to as CUHK (SZ)) was held. Over 700 students attended in formal academic dress. Accompanied by the ceremonial music, they slowly trickled into the venue for the special dinner. The bright and spacious hall, the immaculate dining tables, and exquisite tableware, all reflect the dignified and elegant atmosphere.


Many distinguished guests attended this event, including Professor Xu Yangsheng, President of CUHK (SZ), Mr. Deng Xueqin, Donator of Diligentia College, Mr. Ruan Jiancong, Vice-President (Administrative) of CUHK (SZ), Professor Li Xia, Associate Vice-President of CUHK (SZ), Professor Gu Yang, Dean of Diligentia College, Professor Huang Pumin from Renmin University of China, Professor Peter Schmitt and his wife Mrs. Schmitt from Leipzig University, honorable guests Professor Uwe Muegge and Mrs. Muegge, Professor Pan Wenan, Member of Governing Board of Diligentia College, Professor Su Liwen from School of Management and Economics and Professor Hao Shaokang from School of Science and Engineering.

At the beginning of the dinner, Professor Gu Yang, Dean of Diligentia College, expressed her gratitude to the establishment of Diligentia College, a warm family that students and professors built together.

Professor Gu said, “I was deeply touched by this big family. We started from a wechat group, called “Elves of the Mountains”. We organized the New Year Ice Breaking Event. We held the “One Letter to Your Family” activity on Mid-Autumn Festival. We presented photos of “My Roommate, My Home” on wechat. We were passionate volunteers to support the Establishment Ceremony of Diligentia College. On the first Late Night Talk activity, we shared positive energy with each other. On the second time, we shared tips on busting stress and self-adjusting. Then, we talked about health and appearance. This sort of active communication between professors and students allow us to know more about the culture and history of Thanksgiving Day. Together we fight, we struggle and we overcome all kinds of difficulties to eventually win the first prize on the School Sports Festival. We presented unity, wisdom and power in this warm family and I hope that the blessing from Diligentia College will accompany you the whole life.”

Professor Gu also believed that we need strong faith to guide us to have self-reflection, self-improvement, self-confidence and self-realization. Diligentia College holds a vision of connecting global wisdom and spreading the pioneers’ spirit of the first generation of doers in Shenzhen and Pearl River Delta. With a positive and healthy microbial growth circle, the college aims at cultivating students with kindness, practical attitude and a warm heart of the world. It provides various education opportunities to guide students, for example, professional courses from different colleges are offered, daily communication with mentors and exposure to professors’ words. Moreover, it holds all kinds of inside and outside school activities to facilitate students’ overall development from five dimensions, including their sense of belonging, ownership, innovation, diversification and social responsibility.


Professor Gu sincerely thanked the adult educational platform that the school offered. Thanks to Mr. Deng’s innovative spirit of constant exploring new opportunities, it allows students to experience a valuable and incomparable school time in Diligentia College. She wished that we all cherished the opportunity of growing up together. Let us go search, explore and develop to shape our independent personality, life values and future faith.

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