CUHK(SZ) Diligentia College Established

Release Date:2017-01-10

On October 10th, 2016, the establishment ceremony of Diligentia College has held in Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to as CUHK (SZ)). Many distinguished guests attended this ceremony, including Mr. Deng Xueqin, the Board Member for CUHK (SZ), the founder of Genzon Charity Foundation, Doctor Shen Zuqiao, the Board Chairman of CUHK (SZ), Professor Xu Yangsheng, President of CUHK (SZ), Doctor Gu Yang, Dean of Diligentia College and other honorable guests from Genzon Charity Foundation. Under the testimony of around four hundred faculty and student representatives, the Diligentia College is officially established.

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During the ceremony, both President Xu Yangsheng and Mr. Deng Xueqin gave their speeches. President Xu said that the spirit of "Giving back to society" is what the students and the College should learn from Mr. Deng Xueqin and GENZON group. He mentioned the difficulties that Mr. Deng has encountered during his entrepreneurship, and wished for a bright future for all of the students. He stated: "I encourage all the students to pass down this excellent entrepreneur's spirit and pioneer's spirit of Shenzhen. If Mr. Deng is the first generation of entrepreneur and explorer, then I hope that students from our College could become the second, or the third generation, and always be the pioneer, with an inclusive and progressive mind."


The responsibility of the College is to break the boundaries between School and Major, to bring together students with different majors and cultural backgrounds, thus to improve the communication of teachers and students. To strengthen this point, Mr Deng shared his rich life experience. He said, “Getting along with each other and making friends is one of the important courses in life. The friends you make in school will become your wealth throughout your whole life.” Diligentia College offers opportunities of education on a daily basis, which serves as a supplement for the academic education in the university. Many group activities are held so as to cultivate students’ soft skills, such as social networking, cultural taste, self-confidence and their sense of responsibilities.


Except cultivating students’ personal quality, Mr. Deng also held other expectations to this College: "I hope that through Diligentia College, we could bring a closer communication between the local corporations and CUHK (SZ), contributing to their mutual development and push forward the development of the whole city."


The student representative, Li Jie, gave his speech. He reckoned that we should make full use of the education resources provided by the College, and we should be proud of our identity as Diligentia students. "God helps those who help themselves, and we should be diligent in actions and studies. Living in this big family, we learn to think, to behave, and to make researches. We should also give our tries and efforts in making this world a better place."

After the speeches, Mr Deng, Chairman Shen, President Xu and Professor Gu together completed the opening ceremony. From then on, the Diligentia College of CUHK (SZ) is officially established.

We are confident that Diligentia College will thrive with the help of CUHK (SZ) and Genzon Charity Foundation. We also believe that the college education will benefit this city and the city development will promote our future education.

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